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It is said that future nobita send doraemon to his own childhood life to make his life less miserable. With Doraemon, little nobita (nobi kun) can life easily although giant and suneo always interrupt his daily life. Nobita, Doraemon, Sizuka, Giant, Suneo, Dekisugi and others life happily with and without Doraemon’s help.

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End of Doraemon piece of life

The different is Nobita can not life without Doraemon, until someday (it is told that this is the end of Doraemon’s story) in the bright morning, nobita found that Doraemon is not function anymore and can not response nor talk to Nobita. Doraemon is dead, and nobita change his life. He become a great student and not only achieves highest student nasional rank but also he can finally defeat Dekisugi – top student at Nobita’s era.

Nobita gets a great job, Sizuka accept his proposal and starts a happy family. In his spare time, nobita work on a secret room that no one can enter this workroom even thought it is his wife – Sizuka.

Someday Nobita Jumpout happy and yell out to Sizuka to enter his workroom. Sadly Sizuka finally know Nobita keep Doraemon for since long time ago. Nobita said that it is done, and start turn on Doraemon, Doraemon jump and ask Nobita if Nobita’s homework is over or not.

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